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Ingredients: calendula (flower), comfrey (root and leaf), chickweed, lavender (flower), local beeswax, organic extra virgin olive oil, vitamin e.


Usage: For medical advice, please consult your care provider. In our home we use All-Things Salve year round for dry skin, eczema, scrapes, burns, non-yeast rashes, bug bites, shallow cuts and abrasions, and sad baby bottoms (but not yeasty diaper rashes). For external use only, and not for deep cuts. If you aren't using it regularly, keeping it in the fridge or freezer will extend its freshness.


I make salve once a year in late winter from home grown comfrey, calendula, and chickweed, and organic lavender. The herbs soak in the olive oil for several weeks on a sunny window sill and are then strained and heated with beeswax just enough to melt the beeswax, then immediately poured into the tins, with a few drops of Vitamin E to aid preservation. I've made this salve for family and friends for years and I'm excited to share it.

All-Things Salve - 2oz

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