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joining our csa: what's in the bag?

  • Each week members receive 5 (small) or 8 (full) varieties of the freshest produce grown at the farm. You can select a small (for 1-2 people) or full share (for 2-4 people, depending on your veggie use).

  • Pick-up is convenient from the farm (on the outskirts of Carrboro heading toward Hillsborough), or from our drop in Central Durham.

  • You can customize your share, choosing from 20-30 produce items each week, which change over the season, or receive a Farmer's Choice bag.

  • Our weekly newsletter shares updates about small farm life and comes with a link for making share selections and ordering add-ons (additional produce, body care products made by Farmer Sandi, plants, and other seasonal offerings).

  • You'll get recipe ideas and tips on how to store and use your produce.

  • CSA members have access to the farm for pick-up, picnics, work days, and other gatherings, but you can also just grab your bag and go (we know life is busy).

  • You can snooze for a vacation week during the main season, in case you go out of town.

Email to get the details and sign up!

Weekend Market
environmental stewardship

Well-managed soil can grow food for people, animals, and microbes while also sequestering carbon, maximizing photosynthesis and the production of biomass for mulch and compost, and reducing erosion and nutrient run off. We also believe in minimizing our reliance on plastic in our growing spaces. We farm under the open sky and try to keep plastics off the food we grow. We prioritize the use of hand tools and solar powered batteries for our electric tools.

support small farms

Community Supported Agriculture means a direct relationships between small growers and the families they serve. Members sign up in winter (when we are buying seeds, fixing tools, and preparing infrastructure) for a share of produce that is harvested for them during the season. Not only do we love CSA as a model for our family farm, we also believe small farms that prioritize soil health and directly serve their local communities are the key to social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

know your farmer

Farmer Sandi grows and harvests all of your food and thrives on being able to put faces to every bag of produce she packs. We know how important good food is for our own family, and growing delicious produce for our members is a privilege. Everything we do at the farm is aimed at building and sustaining this relationship. 

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