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about us

Footnote Farm is a little family farm growing fresh produce for local families in the North Carolina Piedmont, between Carrboro and Hillsborough. We started market gardening in 2019 and began growing for more families using a weekly subscription (CSA) model in 2020.

We were both born and raised here in Orange County. Sandi farms and Sol helps make it happen with technical, physical, emotional, and parenting support. We are grateful for the effort of CSA member volunteers who help keep the gardens growing and beautiful, and for the supportive network of small farmers in our community.  We have three kids and believe growing up with a deep, practical understanding of where food comes from--and what it takes to grow and prepare it--is important. Growing and making food is at the heart of culture, yet the connection has been broken for many of us. Even if we aren't homesteaders, farmers, or home gardeners, we can strengthen this connection between food, land, and community by having a connection to a local small farm.

Our gardens are no-till and managed using organic methods, though we are not certified. Growing flavorful, nutritious food is the primary goal of our farming, for our family and yours.

Our Story

We have always loved eating, but fell in love with real food and cooking after living abroad in Spain and Brazil during Sandi's dissertation field research on health policy and inequality. Inspired by the rich culture of home production and homesteading in rural Spain, Sandi began dreaming of raising sheep while finishing her PhD in Political Science at UNC. Our farm name pays homage to Sandi's academic background and passion for research, as well as to the reality that homesteading and farm dreams play second fiddle to the needs of our children. We waited until the littlest was a toddler before making a commitment to growing food for those outside our own household, and have expanded slowly. We may never fulfill Sandi's sheep dreams, but our ducks are fun, too.

We believe social and individual health is rooted in community: where we live, how we interact with our neighbors and our environment, and how we move through the world. Growing and preparing food in community with others has been at the root of human connection throughout our history. It can be mundane and it can be revolutionary, but it always matters. Building community around our love of food and work and connection is the most fulfilling labor we can imagine.

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